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During a tantra massage the whole body is pleased with soft and strong touches.

The entire body receives loving attention. The touches vary from tender strokes with a fur up to kneaded and strong movements. Everything is explored - nothing has to be. The genitals are being included and thoroughly massaged - unless otherwise wished.


There is a clear role allocation: the recipient enjoys without being active and gets guidance from the masseur. Tantra Massage has nothing to do with sex.

Rather it is a ritual of worship where the divine within us is celebrated - and the sensual-sexual energies are being brought to fore.

Before the massage you can ask questions. As soon as you take your shower the massage ritual begins. After the massage you can relax a while to come fully back to reality. Choose to take another shower after, if you wish. It's about holding space, so plan another hour after your massage time, to absorb the experience.

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